Tips in Securing Venture Capital for Your Business

Are you planning to build your own company, but hesitant to do so due to lack of funding? Do not know where to get funding for your business? If so, then, this article is for you. Read on to gain tips on how to get the needed capital for your business.

With the onset of recession and with the strict policies that most financial institutions have, it is difficult for you to obtain the needed capital to start-up your proposed company.

Not all business enterprises can survive without venture capital (VC) or seed capital. You need this type of capital to keep the company running, to finance product innovations, expansions and research developments. There are numerous sources of seed capital for your business, but before choosing one, you must weigh in their advantages and disadvantages.


With seed capital, you do not need to pay back the company’s investors if the firm goes insolvent or bankrupt.

You do not need to pledge the business properties as collateral when you need to obtain a loan or equity

With sufficient seed capital, you look better to investors and lenders

You have more cash available and does not need to make debt payments.


You need to transfer share and ownership of company profits to other investors.

Other business owners or stakeholders may have different ideas on how the company should be managed and run.

Payments made to investors in corporation type of business are not tax-deductible.

Not at all times that stakeholders need to raise this type of capital, but there are scenarios in companies that you must consider before deciding to raise the said funding like:

You can raise VC if you are working with a prototype and need additional funding for the completion of the project or to construct a manufacturing facility.

You need additional VC if you are planning to expand your company due to the growing demand of your product or services. You need additional capital to hire additional employees to increase your production and to manage your branch offices in other territories.

You need more funding if you intend to acquire your rival companies.

Sources of VC:

Credit cards – it can be an ideal source of additional capital if considered wisely because if you failed to pay your amortization on time, then, you are at risk of rising interest rates.

Supply chain financing – your supplier, manufacturer or distributor can also issue the needed loan or line-of-credit.

Small business administration (SBA) microloans – it is a small and short-term loans usually used to finance equipment and supplies purchases.

Grants – is one of the difficult funding to obtain because these are usually given by state or local government.

Personal savings – your own personal money. By using your personal savings, you can own 100% of the firm’s equity. It is considered the most ideal source of financing because you are only liable to yourself.

Friends or family members – you can also consider borrowing …

Investment Management

Investment ManagementAn asset management enterprise (AMC) is a enterprise that invests its clients’ pooled funds into securities that match declared economic objectives. Pooling assets with each other and paying out proportional returns permit investors to keep away from minimum investment needs normally essential when getting securities on their personal, as effectively as the ability to invest in a bigger set of securities with a smaller investment.

These investors could be person investors – referred to as private investors – who have constructed investment contracts with fund managers, or institutional investors who might be pension fund corporations, governments, educational establishments or insurance coverage providers.

Huge investment required: Heavy investment is important for reorganization of preliminary standardization of tools, machines and equipment and conduct of time and motion studies and other study activities for the introduction of scientific management.

For instance, this is the case when a large active manager sells his position in a business, major to (possibly) a decline in the stock price tag, but much more importantly a loss of self-assurance by the markets in the management of the organization, as a result precipitating modifications in the management team.

Aside from hiring marketers who let the revenue in and instruction managers who direct the overall flow of investments, these who want to run investment management firms have to also assure they move inside legislative and regulatory constraints, examine internal systems and controls, account for money flow, and appropriately track record transactions and fund valuations.…

New Chartered Financial Planner For Smith Cooper

Chartered Financial PlannerChartered Financial Planner status is regulated by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). This consists of maintaining up to date with present financial matters and legislation, making sure the tips that is provided is up to date and precise. Finding in to CFP Schools is the appropriate selection for you due to the fact they prioritize on providing a high-quality education in both economic preparing and financial services field.

This combination, of technical knowledge and genuine life encounter of supplying actual economic solutions for Clientele, ensures that a Chartered Financial Planner has the talents not only of the investment and planning theory, but also of implementing productive, practical, solutions of a higher level over time.

The services an economic planner presents depend on a quantity of elements collectively with qualifications, authorizations and fields of proficiency. Among other aspects of the financial suggestions profession reviewed was the level of qualifications historically and currently held by practising financial advisers.

An advisor with a CFP may possibly aid you with personal monetary planning and give advice on investment solutions and tactics. When obtaining relationships with a CFP professional, associates of the community are acquainted that they are dealing with a qualified who is mentally and sensibly capable to present a complete Financial Arranging service at the premier level.

Economic Planning Standards Council is the marks licensing authority for the CFP marks in Canada, via agreement with FPSB. Industri keuangan yang membutuhkan kompetensi profesi ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant) ini meliputi industri perbankan, keuangan, investasi, asuransi, dana pensiun.…

Independent Financial Suggestions Hackney

Independent Financial AdvisorsNow, far more than ever, financial advisors are deciding on to move from the wirehouse firms to independent models. Ahead of you decide on your financial advisor, make certain that their designation is held in very good standing”, and that they have no history of disciplinary action. If you are searching for infrequent guidance, commission-based advisors provide a excellent way for people today with significantly less disposable income to save.

Advisors who work at a bank or credit union are tied to their company’s goods. This is the view of Wouter Fourie, director at Ascor Independent Wealth Managers and the Financial Planning Institute’s (FPI’s) Financial Planner of the Year 2015/16. Interestingly these networks usually co-create robo-tips services that are accessible to all monetary planners in the network, he says.

Also, several advisory firms permit their advisors to speak to their existing consumers when leaving the firm in order to let them know when the advisor is leaving and to where they are moving. Although they give equivalent solutions, independent economic planners, and those who are aspect of a bank, could supply a diverse encounter.

When browsing for a planner or wealth management professional, appear for someone with a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) or an RFP (Registered Monetary Planner) designation. Paying your monetary advisor hourly can perform nicely – if you will basically follow through on the guidance they present.

When I travel to conferences, the lack of expertise by some of these advisors/brokers, some who even practice as independent fee-based advisors, astounds me. Like me, they got a securities license and have been sent out to sell. E-mail Column: Having monetary suggestions is a excellent thought, but check the modest print”.…

10 Tips to an Effective Investor Pitch

Looking for a quick and easy way to enhance your pitch to investors?  Look no further than these 10 tips.  Then, be sure to check out our guideline to creating the perfect pitch.  You’ll be starting up a business in no time!

1.  Introduce everyone in the room:  Make sure that you are familiar with each investor’s bio, especially if it is easily-accessible on the web.  Ask the investors and the people sitting in on the pitch to introduce themselves.  It helps to establish who is the most important to make eye contact with and what style of pitch to focus on.

2. Don’t act like a visionary:  Feel-good visionary statements in your overview slide are never taken well.  Instead of giving a mission statement, give a precise and clear value proposition when pitching to investors.

3. Name drop:  If possible, name drop brands and people that are involved with your company-customers, partners, and members of the team.  The investor needs to know who is involved from the very beginning of the pitch.  This increases your credibility quickly and early on.  If you do decide to name drop, warn each of the people that an investor may be contacting them in the near future.  And of course, don’t make up names.

4.   Keep it short: If your pitch exceeds twenty minutes, your investors will get extremely fidgety and bored.  In fact, it has been found that most VCs zone out after ten slides.  Fifteen to twenty minutes is the perfect pitch length.  Be sure to leave time for investor questions after and during the presentation.

5.  Provide examples:  Examples are one of the best ways to get your investors to listen.  Provide concrete, impressive examples during your pitch.  Include stats, graphs, and facts.  Explain to investors how customers can actually use your product or service.

6.  Make it flow:  An awkward pitch is a death sentence to your potential company.  Make sure that your presentation flows smoothly throughout.  The audience’s body language and questions will tell you what direction the pitch is going within the first three minutes.  Make sure you are in charge of the flow, not the audience.

7.  Be realistic: Be realistic in terms of how long a business takes to get off the ground.  Don’t be too optimistic when presenting a timeline, but also do not over exaggerate the time frame.  In order to be realistic, compare your timeline to that of other businesses’.

8.  Keep it simple, stupid:   KISS, one of the main principles for all presentations.  Provide content-rich bullets and simple words when presenting.  Slides and pages with too much text is a total turn-off to investors.

9.  Don’t lie:  It’s as easy as that.  Just don’t do it.

10.  Your presentation should not stand alone: Finally, be sure that your presentation needs YOU in order to make it understandable.  The point of a pitch is to explain to investors with your own words, not give them a document to read.  If …